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Sara Sánchez

Sara Sánchez


  • Born: 1989
  • Height: 161
  • Languages: Spanish & Catalan: Mother Language.

Works done

    • CLITENMENSTRA OR LA CASA DELS NOMS. Colm Toíbin.  Production of the T.Principal de Palma. Director: Agustí Villaronga, 2020.
    • EL CANTO DE JUAN RANA. Adaptation on the work of S.Sinisterra. International Classical Theatre Festival of Almagro. Director: Héctor del Saz, 2019.
    • FAMILY ENVIRONMENT (Minimum 2 nights). Aitana Galán, Jesús Gutiérrez. Collective creation with La Radical Teatro. Dir: Aitana Galán, 2018.
    • LEND ME YOUR WORDS. Lope de Vega/ Calderón de la Barca. Young National Classical Theatre Company. National tour. Dir: Álex Ruíz Pastor, National Tour: 2015/2016/2017.
    • THE TEMPEST. William Shakespeare. Co-produced by JCNTC & Flute Theatre. Dir: Kelly Hunter, 2016.
    • FAMOUS COMEDY OF PEDRO DE URDEMALAS. Miguel de Cervantes. Young National Classical Theatre Company. Director: Denis Rafter, 2016/2017.
    • FUENTEOVEJUNA. Lope de Vega. Young National Classical Theatre Company. Director: Javier Hernández Simón, 2018.
    • SALVATOR ROSA OR THE ARTIST. Francisco Nieva. Production of the National Dramatic Center. Director: Guillermo Heras,Season 2014/15.
    • ABOUT SOME SPECIES ENDANGERED. Produced by the Centro Dramático Nacional, Cycle José Ricardo Morales. Director: Aitana Galán, 2014.
    • AMOR DE CANS. IB3 Tel.levisió.  Dir: Maria Togores,2018-2019.
    • ESPERANZA. Short film protagonist. Dir: Eugenia Gónzalez,2015.
    • Limelight Studios/ Guys & Dolls / Jacaranda Advertising/ Cp Works /Palma Pictures
    • Iberian Media/ The Lobby/ Color Voices/ La Panadería/ JPRO Studios


Sara Sánchez

Artistic Training

  • GRADUATE IN DRAMATIC ART - TEXTUAL OPTION. Escola Superior d'Art Dramàtic de les Illes Balears (E.S.A.D.I.B), 2007-2011.
  • Training Master's Degree in Acting for Film & Television. Actors Madrid.Imparted by: Eva Leira &Yolanda Serrano, Rosa Estévez, Javier Luna, Juan León, 2018-201.
  • WORKSHOP: CARNIVAL TUESDAY AND BOHEMIAN LIGHTS. Valle Inclán/ Laboratory. Imparted by: Aitana Galán, 2016.
  • TRAINING Young NATIONAL COMPANY OF CLASSICAL THEATRE.  Continuing education (vocal training, verse analysis, physical work, singing ...) Taught by: Laila Ripoll/Vicente Fuentes/Diana Bernedo/Pepa Pedroche ...(among others), 2015-2018.
  • WORKSHOP OF THE WORD/ THEATRE OF THE ABBEY. Given by José Luis Gómez, Vicente Fuentes, Ernesto Arias, 2014.
  • TRAINING in front of THE CAMERA. With Carla Calpasoro, 2014.
  • MAGISTRAL CLASS with DANIEL FINZI. Rivas Cherif Laboratory: The actor's way. Organized by the National Dramatic Center, 2013.
  • LABORATORY RESEARCH : The actor and the WORD. Postgraduates of E.S.A.D.I.B. Given by: Ernesto Arias/Gemma Reguant/Gabriele de Sofia, 2013
  • THE IMAGINARY BODY WORKSHOP. T.Chekhov with DAVID ZINDER/SOL GARRE Réplika Teatro Madrid, 2013.
  • WORKSHOP ACTING with ERNESTO CABALLERO. THE ACTOR, playwright of the scene: Symbolism and reality in the theater of Valle-Inclán, Rivas Cherif Laboratory, National Dramatic Center, 2013.
  • Technique: CHÉJOV , ETC MADRID with Lidia Otón, 2013.
  • WORKSHOP ON VERSE RESEARCH. Fuenteovejuna like Greek Tragedy By Karmele Aranburu/Juan Polanco/Escuela de Verso de Alcalá de Henares, 2012.
  • WHORKSHOP: MASK WORK, Masked interpretation. London International School of Performing Arts ,2012.
  • WHORKSHOP: THE PUPETRY AND THE GAP, With the American director Julian Crouch/ Barbican Center, 2012.
  • SINGING VOICE, Lyrical Singing and Jazz/Blues at Central School of Speech and Drama, 2011-2012
  • MONOGRAPHIC OF CORPORAL DRAMATIC MIMO ,With the company: Theater de l'Ange Fou, 2011.
  • THE ACTOR IN UNBALANCE, Improvisation with Joan Carles Bellviure, 2011.
  • FOLDING TECHNIQUES, Montse Miralles, E.S.A.D.I.B, 2010-2011.
  • FLAMENCO Training 2010-2017: La Carmeta/Corrala de la Danza.
  • CONTEMPORARY DANCE INTENSIVE Directed by the company Mal-Pelo, 2009.
  • BUFON COURSE with Philippe Gaulier, 2009. 
  • MIME AND PANTOMIME INTENSIVE by Carles del Castillo, 2008.
  • MUNICIPAL SCHOOL OF THEATRE, 7 years :: 1995-2001.


Regarding my experience in the educational field, I have given workshops in the Casal de Jóvenes Ciudad Antigua in Palma: - Street theatre and improvisation for adolescents at risk of exclusion /- Character construction for adults /- Body expression and contemporary dance for adult women.

As an actress, I have collaborated in social integration projects together with the Young National Classical Theatre Company: "The Tempest": a work that specifically investigated the connection with autistic children through Shakespearean verse and iambic pentameter.

In the last three years I have worked as a theatre teacher in several cultural centres, both managed by the company Grupo educativo. My function has been to carry out various trainings and workshops related to the performing arts and to train diverse groups. I teach from children's ages to adult groups.

In February 2020, I obtained the European professional certificate of Yoga Instructor. And since May 2020 I am doing Hatha-yoga classes online and in person for small groups and individuals.