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Gypsy Nel·lo Peeters

Gypsy Nel·lo Peeters


  • Born: 1994
  • Height: 164
  • Languages: Catalan, spanish, english and flemish

Works done

  • Anatomia de la por. Direction, dramaturgy and choreography of Joan Fullana and Mireia Sans. Premiere 19th May 2019. Auditorium of Peguera, Mallorca.
  • Els ulls dels altres by Sadurní Vergés. Directed by Alicia Gorina. Principal Theater of Palma, Mallorca. 9th February 2019.
  • Els bràquets d'Afrodita by As Marias. Festivity of Sant Sebastià, January 2019. Palma, Mallorca.
  • "Anava en bicicleta i em van dir terrorista" (work in progress) by GÜILIS Collective. Palma, Mallorca. From November 2018 to the present.
  • "Alerta, raspall de dents." (Mites lèsbics i altres deliris) by La Lioparda Teatre. Premiere Week of Lesbian visibilities, April 2017. 
  • Galejar (work in progress) by UnaiUna. Direction and dramaturgy of Xavier Martínez and Joan Tomás Martínez. 1st sample Municipal Theater Xesc Forteza. 10th November 2017.
  • Tastades by La Lioparda Teatre. Premiere Conference "Stop Violence", Palma (Mallorca). 6th October 2017.
  • "On és na Maria Enganxa?" by Madame Lena. Premiere Mar i Terra Municipal Theater (Palma, Mallorca). March 2017.
  • Actress in Amor de cans (as a small part). Produced by Nova Televisió for the Public Broadcasting Company of the Balearic Islands. Palma, Mallorca. 28th February 2019.
  • Actress in advertising spot for environmental awareness with Friends of Glass. Directed by Geej Ower. Mallorca. 11th May 2018.
Gypsy Nel·lo Peeters

Artistic Training

  • Higher Degree in Dramatic Arts (2012-2016), specialty of textual interpretation, at the School of Dramatic Arts of the Balearic Islands (ESADIB), Palma.
  • Course "Approach to Performance" by Concha Vidal.
  • Continuing education course of the actor - AAAPIB: "Narratives and dramaturgy of physical action" by Toni Cots and Esther Freixa.
  • Continuing education course of the actor - AAAPIB: "Imaginary of bodies and scores for action" by Pere Faura.


  • Teacher in extracurricular and complementary theater activities for children in primary and elementary school.
  • Teacher in the regular theater course of the Performing Classroom of Palma (Aula Escènica) with young people of 16 and 17 years old. 
  • Animator in creative events for companies and individuals: storytelling, shows, workshops and dynamics.