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Bel Albertí Urrea

Bel Albertí Urrea


  • Born: 1996
  • Height: 170
  • Languages: Catalan/Spanish/English (B2)

Works done

Within the theater, I would like to highlight my work in Souvenir, directed by Joan Fullana and SaPesta2020, directed by Miquel Mas Fiol. Also the monologue written and directed by Xisca Montserrat, Isabella.

At camera level, I want to highlight the short film Nimbo Rojo, directed by Claudia Calvo, and the feature film Retorno, directed by Marcos Callejo.

Finally as a creator, I want to highlight Mamíferas, created in collaboration with Lucia Luna, and the dramaturgical adaptation and staging of L'única mort de Marta Cincinnati, d'Alexandre Ballester.


Bel Albertí Urrea

Artistic Training

I have a degree in dramatic art from ESADIB. In addition, I have taken courses in musical theater with Sonia Galking, acting with Cristina Rota and also Meisner technique with Yolanda Vega.


I am a free time instructor, and I have worked as a theater teacher in Algaida Jove and in the music school of Llucmajor.