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Bàrbara Nicolau

Bàrbara Nicolau


  • Born: 1982
  • Height: 167
  • Languages: Catalan (central and Balearic), Spanish, English, Portuguese (from Brazil)

Works done

    • TRACTAMENT WOOLF, by Lara Díez. Teatre de Barra. Palma. 2017.
    • COS, dramaturgy and direction of Albert Roig. CCCB and Fira Litterarum. 2016.
    • AMOR.COM, written and directed by Lara Díez. Microteatres Barcelona. 2016.
    • THE WAR, collective creation. Directed by Mladen Materic. Festival of Avignon. 2014
    • EL RINOCENRONT by Eugène Ionesco. directed by Carme Portaceli, Institut del Teatre. 2013.
    • COM IF YOU HAVE AIRE. Series. Chapter Character: Angels. TV3. 2017.
    • CABRA AND OVEJA. Short film. Directed by Kike Maillo. El Terrat and Natural Gas. 2016.
    • SABOTING. Video clip Single from Manel's fourth album. Directed by Sergi Pérez. 2016.
    • SECUESTRO. Feature film. Directed by Mar Targarona. Rodar y rodar. 2015.
    • LA RIERA. Series. Capable character: Rocío. TV3. 2015

BARCELONA SHOOPING AND SHOOTING. CINEMA AND COMMERCE. Prize for the best female performance for the short film Café and croissant. 2017.

IV PREMIOS PÁVEZ. FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CORTOMETRAJES DE TALAVERA DE LA REINA. Nominated for best lead actress for Impulse short-film production. 2016.

He has also worked in advertising, as a production and council assistant, road manager and cultural management.


Bàrbara Nicolau

Artistic Training

  • Graduated in interpretation by the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and graduated in Political Science and Administration from the UAB.
  • Interpretation studies in front of the camera, with Pep Armengol and Lluïsa Castell in Porta4.
  • He has also received theatrical training at El Timbal-Studies of Performing Arts.


She has been a regular instructor at La Bobina -Center for Actoral Education, imparting Interpretation and Improvisation Techniques classes (Barcelona, ​​2016-17).

Take part with voice workshops for children at Caixa Escena in Palma.