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Antonio Villalonga

Antonio Villalonga


  • Born: 1980
  • Height: 175
  • Languages: Catalan, spanish and english

Works done

  • 2016 Teatre de Barra
    • Actor's work "l’Estatut", playing the role of St. Peter. Written and directed by Lucía Sánchez and Enrique Mongay.
  • 2016 Short Film Festival Port Adriano
    • Actor co-starred in the short film "Joan Cornell," directed by Guillermo Broglia.
  • 2011-2015 Company Madamme Lena
    • Actor in different performances organized by the company in Palma and Esporles.
  • 2015 ESADIB School of Dramatic Art in the Balearic Islands
    • Director of the play " Gamofòbia, l'home del quadre o ambdues coses " written by Héctor Seoane.
  • 2014 EDIB, Strange Friends and Tomavistes
    • Actor in the short film "El evangelio según San Lucas" coordinated by director Toni Bestard.
  • 2014 CEF
    • Actor co-starred in the short film "Fuera de Juego" coordinated by director Toni Bestard.
  • 2014 The company Contrapiel
    • Actor and playwright in the play "La piel de gallina."
  • 2014 SARTS Productions in collaboration with Nova TV, Acciona and Look Forward Films
    • Actor and screenwriter in the short film "Kyrios, el Talismán".
  • 2014 El Somni Produccions
    • Director of the play "Destí a l’ombra" from the Microtheatre for fears, done in the old fire station in Palma.
  • 2014 Look Forward Films
    • Actor co-starred in the short films "Time Trippin’” and "Democracia".
  • 2014 ESADIB School of Dramatic Art in the Balearic Islands
    • Playwright of the play "Mr. Showman" directed by Pedro Orell.
  • 2013 La Contrapiel Company
    • Actor in the play "Cimientos."
  • 2013 Teatre Principal de Palma
    • Actor in the play "Richard III" by William Shakespeare. Directed by Joan Fullana. Playing the roles of King Edward, Clarence and the Mayor.
  • 2013 IB3 TV
    • Actor in the television series " Mossèn capellà ", produced by Nova TV, playing the role of Xim.
  • 2011 UIB University of the Balearic Islands
    • Actor in the promotional spot on the university student statute.
Antonio Villalonga

Artistic Training

Degree in Dramatic Arts from the School of Dramatic Art in the Balearic Islands (ESADIB), where he studied biomechanics with Alexey Levinsky, Interpretation for the camera with Toni Bestard, Movement Technique with Norman Taylor, Dance with Maria Antònia Oliver, Interpretation with Pere Fullana and Pitus Fernández, Playwright with Biel Jordà, among others...

Has conducted two workshops on technical Chekhov (2014-2015) with Graham Dixon, director and founder of the Michael Chekhov Studio London.


Within the field of teaching he has taught Animation and Corporal Expression for different entities such as the Training Institute Ramon Serra, Toth Educatiu, CUCAVELA or Embat. He has also worked as a monitor of extracurricular activities Theater and Cinema.